Home-Start Glasgow North to target isolation for young mums

Home-Start Glasgow North (HSGN) has been awarded funding to develop work addressing isolation for young mums.

As part of an exercise supported by a Red Cross Social Isolation Project and managed by Home-Start UK, HSGN presented a proposal to address isolation at a collaboration event earlier this year, where a number of teams from the Home-Start UK network brought forward their ideas focussed on four core areas:

  • Diversity – connecting with more minority communities
  • Engagement – engaging with young mums on their terms, through the right channels and meeting their individual needs
  • Peer support – establishing sustainable supports and networks
  • Co-design – working with others to ensure appropriate delivery and positive outcomes

The HSGN team will now use the £10,000 award to work with partners to connect with young mums, particularly those identifying as LGBT, those from minority ethnic communities and possibly mums with care experience.

Nikki O’Hara, Manager of HSGN said ‘Loneliness and social isolation are challenges faced by many families we support and we are proud of the positive outcomes from our work. We believe there is still much more work to be done in scoping and exploring ways to increase the support offered to wider groups across local communities. Home-Start Glasgow North will now increase visibility, enabling us to support further families regardless of how they are created or their ‘makeup’ today. We would like to break down barriers and decrease stigma for young mums who experience loneliness and isolation.’

This is the latest piece of work on addressing lonliness and social isolation, following an announcment earlier this year that we would respond to the Scottish Government ‘Connected Scotland’ consultation, which will be published soon.

Volunteer Training & Assessment Courses – Glasgow & Lanarkshire

The next volunteer training and assessment course for Glasgow North is due to start on Wednesday 25 April 2018.

The next North Lanarkshire course will start on Tuesday 17 April 2018.

Both courses run weekly from 9.30 am – 2.30 pm for 7 weeks.

If you are interested in joining either course, please contact us for more information or download an application form here

0141 948 0441 / 0141 945 2289


New Nurture Group gets the go-ahead from community

Home-Start Glasgow North will go ahead with creating a new Nurture Group in the North of the City.

Following consultation with the local community through Digi All Decide?, the Community Fund from Maryhill Housing Association will now support the launch of this new group format, aimed at supporting parents & families through a more intimate group setting than is currently available.

Whilst the Home-Start core work remains visting families in their own homes, we have seen huge successes in our group work over the years, with a very popular Family Group, Welcome Group, and the most recent addition, a Dads Group for dads and male carers.

The new Nurture Group is intended to build confidence and resilience in local families with young children, connecting them with others and addressing some of their concerns and worries. It is hoped parents can then confidently move forward with supports for their family, through our other services if needed.

A huge thank you to the local community for putting their faith, and important funding, in our project. We look forward to sharing successes.

Home-Start Glasgow North in running for local Community Fund support

Home-Start Glasgow North is in the running for an important share of the £20,000 Community Fund from Maryhill Housing Association.

The application proposal is for a new Nurture Group, working with families in smaller groups than is currently available through the larger, very successful Family Group, which happens each week.

Many families face isolation, loneliness and a detachment from our community for many reasons. There are families across Glasgow who don’t feel able to leave their own homes at all. Attending a larger group can be a challenge that many are unable to face to begin with. The option of a smaller group setting will allow an opportunity to meet new people, connect with services and build confidence to move forward with other support for their family.

The local community is asked to join a Decision Event on Saturday 10th March, from 1pm to 3pm at Maryhill Burgh Halls, where there will be a short presentation from each applicant and an opportunity to vote. 24 proposals have been submitted, so the decisions won’t be easy.

The decision of the community is expected to be announced soon after voting. Fingers crossed!